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How much does it cost to fit a telematics box in my car?

Insurance can be expensive, so nobody wants to have to pay extra for to have a telematics device fitted on top.

Luckily, at WiseDriving, the price of our telematics device to your car is already included in your initial premium, which means that you don’t need to worry about hidden fees and expenses when it comes to installing your device.

If you take out a black box policy with us, an engineer will come out to whatever location you specify when booking the appointment and fit the box to your car – once it’s fitted, you’re all set. The cost for this installation is already included in your policy, so, as long as you don’t miss it, you won’t have to pay when your appointment takes place.

"The cost for installation is already included in your policy, as long as you don't miss your appointment."

If you decide to take up our mobile app policy, you’ll receive a telematics device in the post, and you then place this into your car’s 12V socket yourself. This price is also helpfully included in your insurance premium, which means no nasty hidden fee! With our mobile app, the device plugs into your cigarette lighter and collects data from there, meaning no installation fees. Our technology does all the work for you, all you have to do is drive safely and reap the rewards, it couldn’t be easier.

Once your box has been fitted or your app and device have been connected, the smart technology within them will then start to collect data such as how quickly you accelerate, the sharpness of your braking, the speed you drive at and the time of day (or night) of your journeys. We then use this information to provide you with a score, which tells us how safely you are driving. The higher your score, the better driver you are, and the more you will save. If you score falls, you may be required to pay more – but we’ll offer you tips to improve if this happens. You can earn discounts on your premium as your score increases over time – meaning it can actually pay you to have telematics fitted to your car!

Posted on May 03, 2018
Category Telematics