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First Time Drivers Insurance

Insurance for first time drivers

You’ve just passed your test, you can’t wait to get out on the roads, but you can’t because you can’t afford the insurance. We know it’s not easy being a first time driver getting car insurance. At WiseDriving, we treat you as an individual; Irrelevant of how old you are, we give you the chance to get cheap car insurance through good driving.

The moment you get a quote with us, we give you an upfront discount for first time drivers. Why? Because we trust that our customers are good drivers. If you are willing to have your driving monitored, we have to assume that you take safety on the roads seriously. Not only do you enjoy this discount as a first time driver as soon as you take out your policy with us, if you drive really well, you can earn further monthly discounts to your car insurance premium.

We understand that as a first time driver, there are two things you and your loved ones really care about – money and safety. With WiseDriving, we only offer telematics insurance. This means as we monitor your driving, we reward safe driving. In doing so, we are actually encouraging safer driving on the roads.

WiseDriving is an innovative product that collects information as you drive. Which means that as a first time driver, we can track your rate of acceleration, car speed, braking and the time of day you drive. What do we do with this information? We calculate an overall driving behaviour score. Which, if you improve on from month to month, you can earn reductions on your car insurance premiums.

You can track your own scores through your personalised dashboard. This dashboard will provide you with daily updates on how you are doing on the road as well as how you can actually improve your safety as a driver.

What are the benefits for a first time driver?

  1. At WiseDriving, we give you no claims bonus even when you’re learning to drive. i.e. if it takes you a year to pass your test, you will have earned a year’s NCB.
  2. Major discounts for first time drivers – we offer you an upfront discount.
  3. You will drive safer, which is very important as a first time driver.
  4. Be treated as an individual – if you drive better than a very experienced driver, then you should be rewarded for it.
  5. If you are a first time driver, and you’ve just purchased your first car (your pride and joy). What would you do if your car was stolen? With WiseDriving, we would be able to track your stolen vehicle and get it back to you. Please note that we can only track your vehicle if you have a black box fitted in your car, this doesn’t apply to mobile app policies.

As a first time driver, what happens if I drive poorly?

As long as you keep your acceleration, top speed and braking in check as well as only driving late at night rarely, you should be fine. i.e. your score shouldn’t drop.

However, if you begin to drive dangerously and aggressively, it is likely that your score will drop drastically resulting in an increase to your insurance premium costs.

Why not get first time driver car insurance with WiseDriving today?