Black box car insurance

Black Box

Getting car insurance on the cheap is not easy. It feels like every insurer is increasing their premiums and there’s nothing you can do to get reasonably priced cover for you and your car. That’s where black box car insurance comes in.

What is black box car insurance?

Black box car insurance, or Telematics insurance used GPS technology to monitor how you drive on the roads. In most cases, a small box will be fitted to the inside of your car – usually underneath your dashboard.

This box collects vital information about how you drive. The four key areas of driving it looks out for are: acceleration, braking, top speed and the time of day that you are driving. Once this info is all collected, you then get a Driving Behaviour Score (DBS) that considers all these factors. The safer you drive, the higher your score. The higher the score, the less you pay for your insurance. Simple!

Please note that the box doesn’t affect your car’s performance or warranty.

Why choose black box car insurance with us?

WiseDriving only offers telematics insurance cover. The reason why? Our main aim is to make you as safe as possible. We help you do this by monitoring your driving as well as providing driving tips and your very own personalised dashboard. This dashboard shows you your driving scores as well as your main areas of concern/room for improvement.

As well as keeping you safe, the fact you have a black box fitted in your car allows us to give you an upfront discount to your starting policy price. Plus, if you drive well, you can earn even further reductions so it’s a win-win for you. But, it is important to note that your premiums may rise if you drive dangerously.

The other great thing about WiseDriving black box car insurance is that in the event of someone stealing your car, we can easily track where your car is. Therefore, making it much easier to not only find your car, but to prosecute the culprit. Please be aware that theft tracking is only enabled if you have a black box fitted in your car (not if you have a mobile app policy with us).

Where do I sign up?

Start by clicking ‘get a quote’ on our website, fill out your details and see how much you could save vs the competition.