How can telematics save you money?

At WiseDriving, we provide car insurance that can save you money as well as keep you safe on the roads.

Through telematics technology, we give you the opportunity to earn reduced insurance premiums through good driving.
How can we save you money?

How does it work?

  1. A telematics device is fitted to your car
  2. This device measures how your car is driven
  3. You can check how well you’re driving at any point
  4. You could save money with a good driving score

What makes a good driving score?

These four factors have the biggest impact on your driving score:


Accelerate and decelerate gently


Stay within the road speed limit


Brake early and lightly if possible

Time of day

Try to avoid driving between 11pm-5am

Did you know?

Telematics does more than just save you money on your insurance premium! Watch your acceleration, speed and braking, and you can save money elsewhere:
Did yoy know?


Did yoy know?


Did yoy know?


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