Learning to Drive


Learning to drive is an exciting time for everyone involved. For young people, getting behind the wheel means their first taste of freedom. For their parents, it usually means a demotion from unpaid taxi driver (and a smaller fuel bill!).

But exciting as it all can be, it is also a scary time too. Passing your driving test is often the most important thing on a 17-year old’s agenda, but how should you go about it? From booking your first driving lesson to practicing your Theory Test questions – we’ve got you covered with our articles all about learning to drive!

Step 1 – Choose a Driving Instructor
You might choose an hour a week, two hours a week or even an intensive week-long driving course – but it’s all about choosing what’s right for you. Do some research on the different instructors in your area, including their pass-rates and pricess.

Step 2 – Pass your Theory Test
Without passing your theory test, you cannot book your practical test in (even if you are ready!)
So, make sure to pass your theory test early, as it can sometimes take a few attempts. Not to worry if it does though, there are plenty of tools to help you practice online!

Step 3 – Regular lessons
Regular lessons will help you become confident behind the wheel and repeating your manoeuvres will help you remember them. Time off can leave you feeling rusty or out of practice – so try to stick to your lessons once you start.

Step 4 – Practice, practice, practice
Just like above, these two steps go hand in hand – practice makes perfect. Do not expect to get everything right first time, that is what your driving instructor is there for. You can also practice with an adult who is over 21 and has had their licence for more than 3 years, if you have the right insurance.

Step 5 – Failing to prepare is preparing to fail
Without trying to sound like your parents… preparation is the key to driving test success. Ask your parents, or your driving instructor, to go through some ‘Show me, tell me’ questions with you to make sure your knowledge of the car you will be doing your test in is up to scratch. Practice all your manoeuvres because you never know which you’ll get on test day!