How do Driving Behaviour Scores work


At WiseDriving, we measure the safety of your driving based on lots of different factors. These factors are then calculated to create your unique Driving Behaviour Score. This means you are in control of your premium, and how much discount you get on your insurance. Driving safely could get you some money back on your insurance but driving erratically means you could pay more.

Get Driving
Once your telematics device is fitted, either by yourself or a professional engineer, you are good to go. Your WiseDriving device will collect your driving data and calculate your score as you go. 

Keep tabs on your score
If you are a Black Box customer, you will be able to check your score at any time by logging onto your online account. If you are a Device + App customer, you will be able to check your score in your app whenever you like. Checking your score frequently and seeing how you can improve is the best way to save on your insurance!

Top tips to get saving:

Many of the road accidents we see on our roads happen at night – this is due to the reduced visibility, tiredness, and lots of other factors. This means that you are at higher risk of having an accident between 10pm and 4am.