What is Telematics Insurance

Telematics Insurance

We know as well as anyone, getting trusted, cheap car insurance is not easy to find. That’s where telematics insurance comes in – it’s the easiest way to get discounted car insurance premiums!


Telematics insurance uses GPS technology to monitor your driving and adjust your insurance premiums accordingly month-to-month. Our innovative product collects information as you drive and gives you a driving score. There are several main behaviours for safe driving that we monitor closely to give you your overall driving score: whether you stick to the speed limits, the way you accelerate, brake and corner, as well as the time of day that you drive and how long you're behind the wheel. The way your score is calculated will vary slightly depending on which box you have, so please head to our Help Centre for more information on how your score is calculated.

If you work hard on your driving, and improve your style across these behaviours then your score will increase. If your score increases, we may be able to give you money back on your car insurance premium. Alternatively, if you ignore your alerts and continue to drive aggressively and poorly, your premiums are likely to increase.


There are two methods we use to track your driving:

  1. Black Box - this is where a small box is installed inside of your car, either to your battery by yourself or beneath the dashboard by a professional engineer (we'll let you know which type of box you'll have when you get your quote with us). This box won't be visible to you or any passengers as it will be fitted in a concealed area. Once this is installed, all you have left to do is to drive safely.

  2. WiseDriving App + Device – we will send you a small device in the post for you to install to the windscreen of your car. We then ask you download our Telematics App to your Smartphone and log in. Once you've done that, you're good to go.

Benefits of choosing a telematics car insurance policy: