Make a Claim


If you have an accident, contact our Claims Helpline on 0333 241 9566 as soon as possible to report the incident and begin the claim process.

Who do I speak to about my existing claim?

Please contact our claims helpline on 0333 241 9566 and and select the applicable option.

Will claiming for theft or attempted theft affect my premium?

Unfortunately, yes - as there are no other insured persons that the claim costs can be recovered from, your no claims discount would be reduced at your next renewal.

Will making a claim affect my no claims discount?

That depends on the circumstances of the accident. If an accident was caused by another party, and their insurer accepts full liability, then the accident will not affect your no claims discount once the claim is closed and the full costs of the claim have been recovered. If the insurers settle the claim on a partial liability basis i.e. both insurers pay part of each drivers claim, then this would result in a reduction of your no claims discount.

If an accident was your fault, and your insurer agrees to accept full liability, again this will reduce your no claims discount. If your no claims discount is reduced, this will occur at the next policy renewal date, and will not result in increased premiums midterm.

Please note that even if you believe an accident wasn’t your fault, but we can’t recover the costs of the claim from a third party, your no claims discount will be reduced. This includes if you are hit by an uninsured driver, or if your car is vandalised or stolen. This may cause increased premiums for your insurance.