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WiseDriving Car Insurance

We know getting cheap car insurance is difficult these days. Insurers aren’t willing to provide you with reasonable insurance premiums because they aren’t able to judge whether you’re a good driver or not. At WiseDriving, we treat you as an individual and alter your insurance payments accordingly. Our motto is simple – drive well, pay less.

The great thing about WiseDriving is that we give you an upfront discount as we trust that you’re a good driver. Our reasoning behind this is that if you’re willing to have your driving monitored, it’s likely that you’ll be safe on the roads.

After you’ve taken out a policy with us, if your driving stays the same (i.e. doesn’t deteriorate), you will continue to enjoy cheap insurance premiums. However, if you drive really well, you can earn even further discounts to your car insurance payments.

Along with saving money, we understand that safety is the name of the game when it comes to car insurance. Our mission is to keep you as safe as possible on the road as we reward you safe drivers with cheaper car insurance.

Our innovative product collects GPS information as you drive and gives you a driving score accordingly. We monitor four aspects of your driving to come up an overall score: acceleration, speed, braking and time of day (or more specifically, time of night). If you work hard to improve your driving, your score will increase. If your score increases, then you will earn reduced car insurance premiums.

As part of the WiseDriving service, you get full access to your own personalised dashboard where you can track daily your driving behaviour score. It’s here where you can delve a little deeper and see what aspect of your driving is dragging your score down, along with tips on how to improve.

Benefits through choosing WiseDriving car insurance?

What will happen if I drive badly?

If you drive poorly, then your premium will be affected i.e. the amount you pay each month will increase. However, with WiseDriving, help is always at hand! Our main mission is to help keep you safe on the roads. Therefore, we give our customers hints and tips that not only help them become better drivers but also reduce their monthly car insurance premiums.

How do I get a quote?

Begin saving money with WiseDriving today by getting a quote with us. Simply click ‘get a quote’ and fill in your details.