Young Driver Car Insurance

Young Drivers

We know getting cheap car insurance as a young driver feels impossible these days. Just because of your age, insurers aren’t willing to provide you with reasonable, cheap car insurance premiums. At WiseDriving, we treat you as an individual and we give you the chance to get cheap car insurance through good driving - irrespective of how old you are!

As soon as you get a quote with WiseDriving, we give you an upfront discount as we trust that our customers are good drivers. For us, it’s not important whether you’ve just passed or you’re a more experienced driver. After you’ve taken out a policy with us, if your driving doesn’t deteriorate, you will continue to enjoy your cheap insurance premiums. However, if you drive well, you can earn further monthly discounts to your car insurance premium!

We understand that along with saving money, it’s essential that we keep young drivers as safe as possible on the road. With WiseDriving, as we monitor your driving, we reward you if you drive safely. In doing so, we’re encouraging safer (and better) driving for young drivers on the road.

Our innovative product collects vital information as you drive - including how you accelerate and brake, as well as the speed you travel and your travel times. All of this information gives you a Driving Behaviour Score, in which if you improve drastically from month to month, then you earn reductions on your car insurance premiums.

A personalised dashboard will provide you with daily updates on how you are doing on the road, and how you can improve your safety as a driver. There’s no complicated process or technical know-how, all of this information is easily accessible right there on your own dashboard!

What are the benefits for a young driver?

  • Be an individual – no person is the same. If you drive better than someone else, then you will earn reductions on your car insurance.
  • Major discounts for young drivers – we offer a discount upfront, as we assume you are a safe driver.
  • A safer journey – taking to the road is a big responsibility and we will help you increase the safety of you and those around you.
  • Extra security: as an added bonus, your black box can be tracked if your vehicle is stolen – Greatly increasing the chance of your vehicle being recovered. Please note, this feature is only available with the black box, and not the mobile app.

What if I drive badly?

Yes, your premium will increase if you drive badly, but with WiseDriving, you always have assistance at hand. Because our young driver car insurance is focused on safety, our team will send you updates and feedback on your performance to make sure you become a better driver.

Where do I sign up?

Why not get a quote today with WiseDriving and start saving money as a young driver. Car insurance doesn’t have to be expensive if done right!