What data does my Black Box record?

Our privacy is important to us, and rightly so! Which is why, at WiseDriving, we only record the data that we need from your black box. Here’s our handy guide about what data we collect, and how we use it to calculate your score!

We use GPS to calculate mileage and speed, which is then recorded as a score within your account. We don’t view any GPS information in real-time and our black boxes certainly can’t listen to conversations or otherwise invade your privacy.

We also use GPS to calculate how fast you travel, as well as how far. The box also has a piece of tech called an accelerometer, which can track how quickly you accelerate and decelerate, helping us to calculate your braking and acceleration scores. Accelerometers are more common than you think – your mobile phone might even have one!

Your Driving Behaviour Score (or DBS, as we like to call it) helps us to personalise your insurance to you and gives you the opportunity to get rewards for driving safely. Every month we will assess how much your driving has improved and you could get a reward for improving your DBS! The safer you are behind the wheel, the more likely it is that you could receive a discount from us.

However, if you don’t drive safely, you could pay more for your insurance. If your score drops, Don’t worry - we can help you get back on track with our helpful tips and you’ll be driving more safely in no time.

How does GPS technology work?

Your black box sends and receives signals from satellites enabling it to pinpoint your location, and changes in location. To determine exactly where you are and record it, it must receive at least three returned signals from these satellites, making it remarkably accurate.

How can this help me if I have an accident?

The accuracy of the GPS data collected by the black box means that we’re often able to determine whether you were moving or stationary at the time of an impact. For example, if someone rolls backwards into your vehicle while you’re stationary, they may claim that you drove into them. However, using the GPS data, you could be able to prove that your vehicle didn’t move at all.

How can this help me if my car is stolen?

If you have a black box that is fixed to your car, we can use the location data to track your car if it has been stolen, to help you get your beloved vehicle back home as soon as possible.

How does GPS record mileage?

The black box collects your location by receiving signals from satellites, which we will use to create a map of your journey. This enable us to calculate the total miles that you travelled from your start point, to your destination. These are then all added up and removed from your total mileage value, which you can view in your online account.

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Posted on March 17, 2021
Category Telematics