Driving safely in wet weather

Rain, rain go away! But it’ll definitely come again another day… So it’s important to make sure that you know how to stay safe behind the wheel in wet weather. Rainy days affect your visibility, and how well your car can grip to the road. But there are a few things that you can do to make sure that you’re safe (and dry) in your car this winter.

Before you set off

1. Check your wipers
If you think it’s going to rain, make sure you’ve checked that your wipers are still in good condition. Over time they can wear, and when this happens, they won’t clear your windscreen very well. They’re easy to replace, and you can buy them online or from most shops that you’d usually go to for supplies or parts for your car.
2. Fill up before you usually would
Wet weather means that people drive more carefully, to stay safe. Though this can sometimes mean that traffic can build up. You don’t want to run out of fuel and break down (especially not in the rain!), so make sure that you’ve filled up before you set off. Don’t forget – your lights, wipers and heaters will use up more fuel too!
3. Make sure your headlights are on
Your headlights will help people to see you in low visibility conditions, such as rainy days. But make sure they’re not too bright, or you could dazzle other drivers. Save your full-beam for when you’re alone on the road!
4. Check your tyre treads
Your tyre tread helps your car grip the road better, the less tread your tyre has, the less grip your car will have. Make sure that they’re in good condition before you set off, especially on long journeys.

Driving in wet conditions

1. Slow down
Take things slowly, your car’s grip on the road won’t be as good as usual – so make sure to take corners slowly and give yourself plenty of time to react to other road users.
2. Keep your distance from other vehicles
Your stopping distance can be over double when the roads are wet. Your usual 2 second gap between the car in front of you? Make that 4 (or even more if you want to be extra-careful).
3. Watch out for water on the road
Surface water can make it harder for your tyres to grip to the road surface, so try to avoid driving through deep puddles if you can. If you can’t go around it, drive nice and slowly.
4. Keep an eye out for lorries or other heavy vehicles
Large, heavy vehicles like lorries can cause a lot of spray, which can reduce visibility even more in the wet. So, make sure to give them plenty of room.

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Posted on November 03, 2020
Category Driving Tips