How can you make your driving more eco-friendly?

There are so many ways that you can do your bit to help the environment, and it might surprise you to know that you can even do this while driving your car. Not only can you drive your car in a more eco-friendly way, you can also save yourself some pennies too. Win-win!

The key to eco-driving is cutting your fuel consumption, here’s how you can save money whilst saving the environment:

1. Smoothly does it

Accelerating and braking smoothly will actually use less fuel. If you pick up speed or pull away too quickly, you’ll need to fill up more often, which can be costly.

2. Sticking to the speed limit

Driving at the speed limit is not only safer, it’s also better for the environment (and even better for your pocket). According to the AA*, driving at 70mph on the motorway uses 9% more fuel than if you were to drive at 60mph! If you drive at 80mph, you’ll be using 25% more fuel than if you stuck to the speed limit.

3. Try to keep moving

Stopping and starting uses more fuel than keeping your car rolling. Slow down ahead of traffic lights and you might find that they change before you need to stop.

4. Plan ahead

As we said above, stop-start driving uses more fuel, so plan your routes carefully to avoid traffic. By planning ahead, you can also reduce your risk of getting lost, which’ll save you time and fuel.

5. Use higher gears

Try to change gear before your revs get too high. Listen to your engine – is it working too hard? If so, change up a gear, it’s much more efficient.

6. Don’t leave your engine running!

Try to only start your car when you’re ready to go, keeping the engine running while you wait for your car to defrost wastes fuel. Keep some de-icer handy, and you’ll always be ready to go.

7. Give your car some TLC

Cars that have been serviced and well-maintained will usually be more efficient. Check your oil regularly and keep an eye on your tyre pressure! Tyres that aren’t correctly inflated can cause your car to work harder to keep moving.

8. Turn your electrics off when you don’t need them

Don’t use your air-con when you don’t need to and try to remember to switch your lights off when you no longer need them. Some of you will have clever cars who will do this themselves, but if yours don’t, try to turn them off.

Posted on June 24, 2021
Category Driving Tips