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How it worksWith years of insurance experience WiseDriving has put in loads of effort to negotiate exceptional prices for our customers. With no mileage limitations or any penalty fees, WiseDriving offers a unique telematics product to our customers.

How it works Our clever systems will look at how you’ve been driving every month. Using all of the information that the intelligent WiseDriving box captures it will determine your Driving Score. You can view your driving score anytime you want by logging onto your portal and viewing your Dashboard. Here we will break it all down for you showing you how you’ve been doing over various months as well as what your total score is. The better you drive, the better your score!

How it works Telematics seems to be the new buzz word in insurance and so it should be. It’s all about how we can help our customers to save money on their insurance. If you are a safe driver and you feel it is unfair that you have to pay more because of other drivers on the road, you will appreciate Telematics. Telematics offers all our customers to pay insurance on how they drive as individuals. Giving you more control over your insurance premiums.

How it worksOur WiseDriving Telematics product has been developed with our customers in mind. We want to make sure that we always offer our customers the best prices we are able to do. So if your driving has improved month on month we will always try to give you the best price possible taking into consideration your improved driving

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