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Please review the below information and make sure that it is accurate for you and any drivers on your quote:

You and all other people on the policy:

  • have a valid licence for the car to be insured
  • must have advised the DVLA of any health conditions that may affect your driving
Your car:
  • must be registered in the UK
  • must not be customised or be a ‘Q’ plate vehicle
  • must not be used for hire, reward, delivery or in connection with the motor trade
  • I understand that you can either be given a refund or charged an additional fee depending on your driving score

To make sure that we have the information needed to offer you an accurate premium and the best payment options we’ll contact third parties as part of completing your quote. This may include a search with a credit referencing agency. This search will appear on your credit report and may be visible to other credit providers; it will be clearly marked as related to a car insurance quote rather than a credit application.

By continuing with your quote you agree to the information, and our terms and conditions, we recommend that you read through these for full information on our charges and how we use your personal data.