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Why you should never run out of fuel

It can be easy to forget that your car is running low on fuel, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your fuel gauge – especially if you’re driving somewhere unfamiliar and don’t know where your nearest fuel stations are.

Whether you’re hanging on to fill up at your favourite (or cheapest!) fuel station, or just haven’t noticed you’re running low – here’s why you should always make sure to fill up when your tank is nearly empty!

Running out of fuel can be dangerous – especially on busy roads
If you run out of fuel on a motorway, you might end up blocking traffic if there’s no hard shoulder. Even if there is somewhere for you to pull over, breaking down at the side of a busy road is never a safe place to be.

It can clog your fuel filter
Older cars might have debris at the bottom of the fuel tank that gets sucked into the filter when you’re running on empty. Though this shouldn’t damage your engine, it might clog the fuel filter, which means you might need to clean or even replace it!

It may take longer than normal to restart your car
When you run out of fuel, your engine will pull air in. Some cars might need this air bleeding out before you’ll be able to start your car again. Most cars will start again, but it might take a couple of attempts before you’re back on the move.

You could even get fined for careless driving!
There have even been instances where people have been fined and given points for careless driving, if they run out of fuel needlessly and their car is in a dangerous place. So, make sure you don’t join them!

Why not download a fuel station finder to your phone?
You can download the Petrol Prices app for your phone, and always be able to check where your nearest fuel station is, as well as how much your fuel will cost! Then there won’t be any excuse for running out!

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Posted on December 01, 2020
Category Car Ownership