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Driving with kids: how to avoid distraction

Many distractions can present themselves when you’re driving – and if your passengers happen to be children, it can be near impossible to keep your focus on the road and not on what the kids are doing. We’ve put together some tips to help you keep the children quiet and your focus on the road, which can help to get you through every “are we there yet?” on your journey.

Plan plenty of stops in the route

If you’re doing a long drive with kids, it’s likely they’ll get bored. Plan stops along your journey – whether it’s an attraction on the way or just a service station. This can provide somewhere for them to get some lunch, use the toilet and possibly even somewhere for them to get out and look around or play for half an hour. Though this will add some extra time onto your journey, it’s may save you a lot of stress in the car.

Point out signs

Driving can be boring, even for us adults, so imagine being a young child stuck in a car! If your passengers are feeling restless, feed into their curiosity by using your surroundings. Try pointing out signs if you have a specific destination, and get the children to look out for signs to your destination and tell you when they see one. This can help keep them focused on the task at hand, and making the journey a little more fun – it might even help you navigate your way to your destination!

Play some games

Nothing passes the time on a long journey quite like a good car game. Games like I Spy, or seeing who can spot a specific thing first, will keep the kids entertained and get them to focus on something other than the journey. Keeping them looking out of the window can also help stop car sickness, making sure the little ones stay happy.

Car seats

Make sure that the little ones are safely strapped in, as this will prevent them from moving around in the back of the car – there’s nothing worse than trying to drive with a child climbing around or kicking your seat! Also, make sure that you have child-lock in place on your back doors, so that you don’t have to worry about them being opened.

Gadgets and games

Take some gadgets, such as tablets or hand-held gaming consoles, to keep your children busy while you drive. These can help to keep their attention so that you can focus on the road – and hopefully get some peace and quiet.

Keep an eye on them

If you have a young baby in a rear facing car seat, get a mirror so that you can see your baby. That way, you won’t need to worry and can keep an eye on them throughout the journey. Just make sure that it’s aligned with your rear view mirror so that you can glace at it effectively.

If you can, it’s always worth travelling with another adult so there’s someone to sort out the kids if they’re being particularly excitable. However, this isn’t always possible – but if not, these tips should help you to keep them quiet and stay focused on the road.

Posted on May 01, 2018
Category Driving Tips