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Money saving
How can telematics insurance save you money?

If you’re a young driver, you might have heard that telematics or black box insurance can save you money – but is it true? Here at WiseDriving, we believe that car insurance doesn’t have to break the bank, even if you’re new on the roads, and telematics can help to achieve that.

Telematics: a solution to car theft?

Many of us rely on our cars to get us from A to B everyday – so we can all imagine how much it would disrupt our lives if it were to be stolen. Unfortunately, vehicle theft is on the rise - but could telematics be the solution?

The Geneva Motor Show: cars of our future?

The future is always a huge point of speculation, with everyone predicting what our everyday lives may look like in the years to come - and one area that looks set to change dramatically is our cars. 

Car ownership
Buying a first car – 8 need-to-know things to save you money

Buying your car is an exciting time, but there are some things you definitely need to include in your car shopping to save you time and money down the line. 

Where are telematics devices fitted?

Have you ever seen a car fitted with a telematics device? The chances are you might have done without realising, because these devices are usually fitted out of sight. So just where does a telematics device live within your car?

The economics of monitored driving: how your black box tries to save you money

One of the biggest selling points of a telematics insurance policy is the money you can save on your car insurance. By monitoring your driving, these policies can reward good driving by reducing your insurance premiums and putting money back into your pocket. However, the benefits of having a black box or other telematics device needn’t stop at saving you money on your insurance – it may also help you to save money on the everyday costs of your car.

Money saving
7 key ways to save money on your car insurance

Telematics insurance is a great way to save money on your car insurance because it lets your driving do the talking – not general statistics. However, there are some sure-fire ways to reduce your telematics premium.

Telematics devices: do they really know what you do?

Even though telematics insurance can be cheaper for young drivers across the country, many teenagers dread the thought of having a black box fitted to their car and being monitored. But is everything you believe about telematics actually accurate?

How is technology shaping our driving?

Technology is expanding in almost every aspect of our world, so it’s no surprise that it’s more present than ever inside our cars. From devices that locate lost keys to Bluetooth that connects to our MP3 players, technological advancements are a luxury that can make our driving lives easier and more enjoyable.

What is a telematics device? | Telematics explained

You may have heard of a ‘telematics device’ or ‘black box’ before, but have you ever wondered what one actually is? If you’re not sure what a telematics device is or what it does, we’re here to explain.