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What is a black box curfew?

Wondering what a black box insurance curfew is? This post from WiseDriving delves into this in more detail, explaining what this could mean for you and when you can drive your car. 

Driving tips
How to be a safer driver

We all want to be the best drivers we can - but how safe are you on the roads? If you're looking to refine your driving skill, these tips might help you to be that little bit safer.

How black boxes can help you in a car accident

If you have a black box installed, can this be used during an accident investigation? This blog from WiseDriving looks into black box accident investigation further and how these devices can help.

Can a black box find my car if it has been stolen?

Is it true that having a black box can help to find your car, if it has been stolen? Yes, it can be done. WiseDriving have looked into this further in their latest blog post. 

Driving tips
Motorway driving tips

You’ve passed your test, which means you can officially get on the motorway – but if you haven’t tried it before, motorway driving can seem scary. Check out these 6 simple tips to help you get to grips with driving on busy roads.

What impact does speeding have on black box insurance?

If you are looking into black box insurance, you may be wondering what happens if you speed with one installed. Here, WiseDriving looks into this.

The London Motor Show

The London Motor Show kicked off yesterday, promising a weekend of cars that might reflect our future roads. So, what just can we expect to be on display?

Can cars become eco-friendly?

There's a growing focus on making our cars eco-friendly, with the development of electric and hybrid cars. But what other tech is aiming to make our driving better for the environment?

Driving tips
Summer driving tips

We all welcome summer - but did you know it can still present hazards for your car? Read our guide to summer driving to make sure you're covered for any scenario you might come into on the road.

Car ownership
Buying a new car

Are you looking to get a brand new car to call your own? Make sure you know what to look out for with our handy guid.