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Learner driver
I've passed my driving test - now what?

Passing your driving test is a big achievement - but what comes after? We've put together all the things you can do after getting your licence.

Driving tips
Festival season: tips to get you home safely

Festival season is well and truly in full swing - but are you and your car prepared for the journey home from the festival site? Read our tips here.

Money saving
Top tips to help reduce car insurance premiums for new drivers

Looking to lower the insurance premium on your new car? WiseDriving have some great tips on how to try and lower the cost of your car insurance - without the fuss.

The tech behind how black boxes know the speed limit

How does a black box know the speed limit? We've taken a look at the tech in the box and how it knows how fast you're going. Click to read more.

Driving tips
Festival season: getting there

Summer was made for festivals - but are you ready to drive to one? We've put together some tips on how to arrive at your festival site safely, ready to enjoy your weekend.

Learner driver
How to keep driving test nerves at bay

It's natural to feel nervous ahead of your driving test - but don't let those nerves ruin your chances of passing. We've put together some handy tips to help you combat the test anxiety.

Safe driving
Festival season: how to prepare your car

Each summer, great numbers of us head all over the country to various festivals - but does your car have what it takes to get you there safely? RAC and WiseDriving have teamed up to bring you some handy festival guides to make sure your festival season goes smoothly.

The 7 most important black box rules

What are the rules when it comes to black box insurance? There are a few you should always keep in mind when driving. Our latest blog breaks it down.

Driving tips
How to use a satnav

Satnav has slowly taken over the traditional map – but do you know how to use one properly? Make sure you’re on the right track with these handy satnav tips.

Driving tips
How can I avoid hitting animals in my car?

Country driving can be essential on your route - but it also brings new risks, such as avoiding animals. We've compiled some tips on how to avoid hitting wildlife, saving damage to them and your car.