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Five roads that can't be ignored when holidaying in the UK

Summer was made for road trips – so why not ditch your usual route for some of the UK’s best roads? We’ve teamed up with RAC to bring you all the routes worth driving on this summer.

Car ownership
What is a car insurance excess?

Wondering what car insurance excess really means? Learn the basics of Voluntary and Compulsory excess and the best ways to save with this post from WiseDriving.

Car ownership
How to keep your car secure

Being a victim of car theft is never ideal, which is why keeping your vehicle secure is so important. Read our security tips here.

Learner driver
Passing your test: are first-time passers actually safer drivers?

Does passing your test first-time mean that you’re a safer driver? Statistics show that second, third or even fourth time passers could actually be the safest drivers - but why?

Black box insurance for older drivers

Are you an older driver wondering whether you can benefit from black box insurance? WiseDriving explains why it isn’t just for younger drivers.

Safe driving
Graduated driving licences proposed for the UK to curb young driver accident rates

The government has proposed graduated driving licences for newly-passed drivers. But what could that mean for young drivers? Find out here.

Driving tips
6 ways to make sure you avoid pothole damage

If you drive, you'll know potholes aren't something you want to come across in the road - particularly with a record number of claims related to pothole damage. Follow these tips on how to avoid them, and what to do if you do hit one.

Car ownership
The benefits of dashcams

Dashcams have grown in popularity in recent years - but is it worth having one in your car? We discuss the pros here.

Learner driver
10 top tips for preparing for your driving test success

Pass your driving test first time! We’ve put together a jam-packed guide of practical tips for learner drivers preparing to take their test this year.

Safe driving
5 ways to avoid drink driving

An average of 70,000 people are caught drink-driving per year – but would you ever drive under the influence? We’ve put together some tips to stop you getting tempted.