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Car ownership
Essential checks every car owner should be doing

Just bought your first car? Here are some essential checks that every car owner should know to keep your car running smoothly.

Money saving
How to save fuel: 12 savvy tips

Want to know how to save fuel? These savvy tips from WiseDriving could see you having to visit the petrol station less and have more cash in your pocket. Click here for more.

WiseDriving Insider: what it’s like to be a WiseDriving customer

Ever wondered what it's like to be a WiseDriving customer? A member of the WiseDriving team gives an insight on her experience here.

Top 10 movie cars

There’s no denying it: cars and movies go together. From the Batmobile to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, we’ve all dreamt of owning a Hollywood car. We’ve counted down our top ten here.

Autonomous cars: what could they mean for our everyday lives?

Are self-driving cars the future of the motoring world, or could they be the end of the roads as we know them? We explore here.

Safe driving
Driving laws: is it illegal to drive barefoot?

Is it illegal to drive without shoes? No, it isn’t illegal and this post from WiseDriving can tell you more. Click here to read.

Car ownership
Car insurance jargon buster

Car insurance can contain a lot of words that are hard to understand - which is why we've created our jargon buster to help things make a little more sense.

Five roads that can't be ignored when holidaying in the UK

Summer was made for road trips – so why not ditch your usual route for some of the UK’s best roads? We’ve teamed up with RAC to bring you all the routes worth driving on this summer.

Car ownership
What is a car insurance excess?

Wondering what car insurance excess really means? Learn the basics of Voluntary and Compulsory excess and the best ways to save with this post from WiseDriving.

Car ownership
How to keep your car secure

Being a victim of car theft is never ideal, which is why keeping your vehicle secure is so important. Read our security tips here.