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Does black box insurance actually make our roads safer?

The aim of telematics insurance is to make our roads safer – but does it actually work? The stats suggest so!

Car ownership
5 tips to prepare your car for winter

Like it or not, winter is coming. To make your winter a little easier, we’ve put together this guide of things to do to get your car ready for colder, darker weather – you’ll still have to set that alarm a few minutes early to de-ice your windscreen though!

Top 10 car movies

There have been hundreds of movies about cars over the years, but have you seen these must-see classics? We list our top ten car movies here.

Safe driving
What is a claim scam - and how do I avoid one?

Nobody enjoys making a claim on their car insurance – but even less so when there’s fraud involved. We’ve put together the common claims scams out there, so you can stop yourself falling victim to one.

Driving tips
How to deal with tailgaters

We’ve all dealt with a driver behind you getting a little too close for comfort – but how should you deal with tailgaters? We’ve got some tips in our latest blog post.

Car ownership
How much does running a car actually cost?

Earned enough for a car? Unfortunately, it may cost more than just the price of a car - find out what running costs you can expect here.

Safe driving
What are the biggest distractions for young drivers?

Stats suggest that young drivers are the most likely to be involved in road accidents – but why? We look at the biggest distractions for young drivers on the road, and how they can be combatted.

Learner driver
Getting your driving licence: the route to follow

You’ve decided you want the freedom of a driving licence – but how do you get it? We’ve broken down the steps to becoming an independent driver – from finding an instructor to getting that pass certificate.

What does Brexit mean for the UK car industry?

Brexit has been at the top of the headlines for the last few months. But what does Brexit really mean for the future of the UK car industry?

Car ownership
Essential checks every car owner should be doing

Just bought your first car? Here are some essential checks that every car owner should know to keep your car running smoothly.