How to keep your car secure

Even with all the technology that new cars employ, car theft can still a big problem, with figures suggesting it’s on the rise. With thieves targeting more cars, it’s more important than ever to know how keep your car safe. We’ve put together some tips to help you keep your car secure from theft – and give you peace of mind.
  1. Keep your car keys somewhere safe
    Keeping your car safe can actually start outside of your car. Once you’ve locked up, where do you keep your keys? It might be tempting to leave them somewhere visible – like on a restaurant table or in plain sight in your house. Car thieves target visible keys and could even be tempted to break into your house if they spot your keys in your window – so it’s a good idea to place your keys somewhere hidden to deter anyone from taking them.
  1. Never leave your car running with the keys inside
    We’ve all been there – you start your car up, ready to head out, and realise you’ve forgotten something. However, don’t be tempted to leave the keys in the ignition when you leave your car – even if it’s just to fetch something quickly. It only takes a minute for your car to be stolen – so don’t risk it. Make sure whenever you’re not with your car, you’ve turned off the ignition, locked it and have your keys with you.
  1. Park in a well-lit area
    Where you park can play a part in your car’s security. Dark or sparsely populated areas are prime targets for car thieves, so choose your parking space carefully. Try to find areas that are well-lit, or often have people around, as this may put off any potential thieves. If you can lock your car away in a garage, or a car park that has CCTV, that’s even better.
  1. Don’t leave valuables on display
    Leaving a phone, Satnav, purse or other valuable item in view when you leave your car could put your car at risk of a break-in. Car thieves are just as likely to steal valuables as to steal your car itself, so try to make sure you put everything out of sight when you leave your car by taking it with you or hiding it away in your glove box. Also, wipe any marks left by your satnav off your windscreen, as these marks could let a thief know that there could be valuables inside. 
  1. Don’t leave your spare key in your car
    Do you keep your car’s spare key inside the vehicle? It’s worth moving your spare key into a safe place in your house when you purchase your car. Keeping your spare key in your car means that if someone breaks into your car, they’ll easily be able to drive off with it – which is far from ideal.
  1. Shut your windows
    On a hot day, most of us will wind down our windows – but always remember to shut them again once you get out of your car. Leaving them open makes it easier for a thief to gain access – which can result in your valuables or your car going missing.
  1. Locking wheel nuts
    Consider locking your wheels in place with locking wheel nuts, which can stop thieves from targeting your alloy wheels, leading to a costly replacement for you. Just make sure you keep your key safe so you can unlock them when you need to.
  1. Steering wheel lock
    If you’re still worried about your car’s security, you may wish to put a steering wheel lock or wheel clamp on your car overnight. These will make it difficult for anybody to take your car without anybody noticing, which can make you feel that little bit more secure. Just remember to remove them when you drive off the next morning!
Keeping your car secure should always be a priority, so make sure you’re doing as much as you can to keep the thieves away and your belongings safe.

Posted on August 1, 2018

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