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How to prepare your car for a long journey

Your first long drive can be daunting: when you’re spending hours on the road, anything can happen. However, we’re here to help you get through your journey without hassle by making sure you have all the equipment you need to stay safe and comfortable. Here are the key things to make sure that you have in your car, ready for a long journey!

1. Spare tyre

If your car carries a spare tyre, make sure it’s roadworthy in case you get a puncture or blow-out. It’s also worth checking you have a tyre jack so you can easily change your tyre is needed. Also, if you do happen to get a puncture, don’t get stranded - make sure you replace your spare with a new one after you’ve used it! If your car doesn’t carry a spare, make sure your tyre repair kit is fully equipped and that you replace anything you use as soon as possible.

2. First aid kit

You never know when you will need one, so carry a first aid kit in your car in case anyone should fall ill during the journey. Plus, plasters are always handy!

3. Fluorescent jacket

It is recommended never to remain in your car if you break down on a busy road. Make sure you’re seen when standing on the verge by wearing one of these.

4. Make sure to fill up

Fill up your fuel tank before you leave so that you don’t get down to your fuel light when you’re far from home and don’t know where the nearest petrol station is. If you get stranded on an empty tank, you might have to get out and push – and that’s nobody’s idea of fun.

5. Sunglasses

Even in winter, sunglasses are a long trip essential. The winter sun is lower, and you’ll often find yourself wishing you had a pair handy when driving long distance. Save yourself a headache and keep a pair in your car.

6. Fill up your car’s screenwash

Always make sure to fill up with screenwash before setting off on a long journey. A dirty windscreen can make seeing the road ahead difficult, but having plenty of screenwash to hand will take care of that and keep your windscreen clear.

7. Phone charger

Keeping your phone charged in case of an emergency is important, so it’s worth bringing a portable battery or a charger that’ll fit into your 12V socket. However, in the worst case scenario, you can always use the SOS phones found in the hard-shoulder of many major roads.

8. Food and drink

Keeping yourself replenished is also really important on a long journey to keep you alert and focused. Do stop if you find yourself getting tired – park up somewhere safe and have a nap in your car, or stop to get a coffee and something to eat to get your energy levels back up.

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Posted on March 28, 2018
Category Driving Tips