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How accurate is black box insurance?

You may have heard of black box insurance, or monitored driving, but just how accurate is it in measuring how you drive? We’re here to answer that question…

Black box insurance, or telematics insurance as it is sometimes called, monitors four key aspects of your driving to determine how well you drive. How quickly you accelerate, the sharpness of your braking, your top speed and the time of day (or night) that you are driving all affect your overall score driving score. This driving score is what is used to determine how safe you are on the roads, and how much your insurance should be.

In order to accurately collect your driving data, the black box – otherwise known as the telematics device - is fitted to your car by an engineer, and uses GPS and other smart technologies to determine speed, time of journeys and how sharply you speed up and slowdown in order to determine how safely you drive, leaving us with a clear picture of your driving.

At WiseDriving, we don’t have any expectations about how our customers drive, regardless of age: we let your driving do the talking for you, which is why we make sure our monitoring is as precise as possible. The safer you drive, the higher your score will be – and the higher your score is, the more you will save! If your score increases over time, you could earn further discounts on your premium!

Our goal is to provide young drivers with cheap, simple and reliable car insurance. By monitoring your driving accurately, we can help you save. However, if your score decreases, your premium could increase. But, if this does happen, we’re here to help and provide you with useful hints and tips to help you get your score back on track and get saving again.

Posted on May 08, 2018
Category Telematics