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Essential checks every car owner should be doing

If you’ve just brought your car, there are a few things that you should familiarise yourself with to stop anything from going wrong. We have put together a list of essential checks that will help you keep your car running smoothly, and keep costly repair bills at bay!

Know how to check the fluids in your car

Check your oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, engine coolant, and screen wash regularly to keep your car in tip top condition. If you’re not sure how, there are plenty of online guides to help you check these. Also, your owner manual will tell you how frequently you should be changing your oil, so check to be sure.

Know how to change your wipers

Your wiper blades have a relatively short lifespan, and will become frayed or maybe even split within six months. When they start to smear your screen, it would be a good time to have a closer look at them. You can buy replacement blades online, or from Halfords who will help you fit them to your car.

Know how to check your tyre pressure

Having the correct pressure in your tyres not only helps your car be more economical, it also helps with steering and stability. Most petrol stations have machines which you can use to check and pump your tyres. Check your manual to find out what the pressure should be for your car.

Check your lights and indicators

You could be pulled over if your lights aren’t working properly, so make sure you check these every once in a while. Indicator bulbs can show clear after a while, especially on older cars, so it might be worth replacing them – as they are only orange coated glass, they can wear down easily.

Know what your car’s warning lights mean

When you first get your car, you should read the manual and familiarise yourself what your engine warning lights mean. That way, if something serious comes up, you can contact your mechanic.

Knowing how to check these essential things that keep your car running smoothly can help you nip any problems in the bud before it gets too serious. Failing to help some of these things can result in excessive wear to your car or damage, so should be checked a few times a year to keep your car in tip-top shape – especially if you own an older car.

Posted on September 12, 2018
Category Car Ownership