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Would you take a ghostly road trip?

Driving alone this halloween? Here are some roads you may want to avoid, but if you don't, remember not to speed off too quickly if you see anything ghostly!

Top 10 car movies

There have been hundreds of movies about cars over the years, but have you seen these must-see classics? We list our top ten car movies here.

Top 10 movie cars

There’s no denying it: cars and movies go together. From the Batmobile to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, we’ve all dreamt of owning a Hollywood car. We’ve counted down our top ten here.

Five roads that can't be ignored when holidaying in the UK

Summer was made for road trips – so why not ditch your usual route for some of the UK’s best roads? We’ve teamed up with RAC to bring you all the routes worth driving on this summer.