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Driving test tips

Have you just started driving lessons, or are you thinking about taking your practical driving test soon? Here are some facts you just need to know before you take your test – you can thank us later.

1. Make sure you’re ready

Your driving practical test will cost between £62 and £75, depending on which day you choose. Make sure you’re well prepared before taking your test – there’s no point rushing to do your practical if you’re not ready for it.

2. Wear the right shoes

Don’t wear heels or restrictive shoes when driving, whether that’s in your lessons or your test. Wearing restrictive or heavy shoes can impede your ability to work the pedals properly and feeling your car’s biting point. Relatively thin-soled shoes are the best, allowing you to feel the pedals properly and stay comfortable.

3. Be organised

When you go for your test, there are a few things you need to take along, such as your provisional license and your theory test pass certificate. If you forget these, you won’t be able to take your test, so you won’t even get a chance at passing – so make sure you’ve got these with you! Also be punctual and turn up to the test centre so have time to relax before your test.

4. Familiarise yourself with the Highway Code

Reading the Highway Code as long your practical lessons will help you to get familiar with the rules of the road, which is very important when it comes driving. It will be particularly helpful for when you do your driving test, as your instructor won’t be there to remind you, so make sure you’re in the know!

5. Practise between lessons

If you can, practise with your parents in between lessons – but don’t forget, you will need learner driver insurance. Also, if you haven’t yet tackled something in your lessons, try to avoid doing it for the first time during your extra practice – it’s much better to go through things with a trained instructor first.

6. Stay calm

Taking any kind of test is nerve-wracking, and your driving test is no different. One of the biggest reasons people fail their tests is because their nerves get the better of them. Try to stay calm during your test so that you can do your best driving. Remember, your instructor wouldn’t let you take the test if they didn’t think you were ready, so be confident that your driving is up to scratch and think positively.

Posted on April 03, 2018
Category Learner Driver