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About WiseDriving
How is my Driving Score calculated?

Driving safely is the key to saving money with WiseDriving black box insurance – but how do we calculate how safely you’re driving?

About WiseDriving
How does WiseDriving mobile app insurance work?

Our mobile app policy uses telematics technology to monitor your driving - find out how it works here.

About WiseDriving
How does WiseDriving black box insurance work?

You may have heard of 'black box' insurance before - but do you know what it is? We're breaking down how our black box policies work, so you know how it all works.

About WiseDriving
WiseDriving and telematics insurance

Telematics insurance - otherwise known as black box insurance - is on the rise, with more and more drivers opting to have their driving monitored for their insurance. At WiseDriving, we believe our telematics policies are a great way to save money for drivers,