Would you take a ghostly road trip?

Forget haunted houses and ghost tours why not take a drive down some of the UK's most haunted roads.  Disclaimer: You may not want to drive these roads alone…if at all!
Blue Bell Hill – Kent  - A229
Many reports have been made of a young bride running into the road and being hit but when the shocked driver gets out, she has vanished into thin air. The troubled soul is meant to be that of a 22-year-old woman who died in a car accident on the day of her wedding in 1965. She is also said to hitchhike, getting into the passenger side of the car but suddenly disappears as you set off on your way, is she stuck there never destined to get to her wedding?
Stockbridge Bypass - Sheffield
When a new bypass was built reports of strange apparitions began to be reported.
Young children playing that suddenly disappear when approached. A lone monk who stands at the side of the road then suddenly appears in the passenger seat of the car. People have also claimed that accidents on the road have been caused by the sight of these ghostly figures.
The B3212 – Dartmoor – Devon 

A spirt intent to lead drivers to their doom, nobody is quite sure what it is, but the stories have all mentioned an other-worldly pair of hands grabbing the steering wheel or the handlebars of their bike and veering them of the road. This ghoulish phenomenon has been blamed as the cause for many an accident on this stretch of road.
The Old Tay Bridge – Dundee 

The story goes that in 1879 a storm caused the bridge to collapse while a train was passing over it. The train and it’s 75 passengers fell to their deaths into the dark waters of the Tay. On the anniversary of the accident each year, a ghoulish train is said to be seen crossing the bridge and the shrilling screams of its passenger can be heard!
The A75 – Scotland
Said to be the most haunted road in Scotland, there have been tales of an elderly woman stood screaming, an old man with no eyes also stood screaming and a couple dressed in Victorian clothing holding hands and walking along the road. There have not only been sightings but paranormal phenomena such as vehicles beginning to shake violently. With so many sightings many people now refuse to drive on this road.
We hope you keep safe this hallows eve and it may be more important than ever to get home safe before the sun sets!

Posted on October 30, 2019

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