How our black box insurance works

You may have heard of 'black box' insurance before - but do you know what it is? We're breaking down how our black box policies work, so you know how it all works.

What is a black box?

The WiseDriving black box is a small device that is fitted to your vehicle, either by you or by our team of professional engineers. It uses telematics technology to record your driving behaviour. Your driving behaviour is created by measuring speed, acceleration, braking and night-time driving. The black box is also fitted with GPS technology which records the types of roads that you use.

Watch this video for more information on how our pro-install box works:

You may also be given a black box that you can install yourself at home, which works in the same way. Watch this video for more information on how our self-install box works:


Are there any safety benefits to having a black box?

Yes - the key safety benefit of having a black box installed is the accident alert. If your vehicle experiences a certain G force or above, it suggests impact and we will try to call you.

If we believe that you might be injured we may call emergency services on your behalf. The potential for saving lives may prove invaluable.


Will it save me money?

Unlike other telematics policies that make you wait until renewal to see if you have saved any money, WiseDriving rewards you throughout your policy. We check your driving score after the first 60 days, and where your score has improved, we will look to see if you are entitled to a refund, however if your score has reduced there may be additional premiums to pay. After the initial 60 day update we will repeat this process every 30 days throughout the life of your policy, meaning you control how much you pay by how you drive. It’s that simple.

Premium reviews are not affected by any claims you make during the policy year. If you have a claim in your current policy year, this won’t be considered until your renewal.

Will the WiseDriving box be removed if I cancel or do not renew my policy?

No, upon the expiry of your policy we remotely instruct the WiseDriving box to deactivate and stop transmitting data. However, if you wish to have the WiseDriving box removed, this can be arranged, subject to a charge to cover the call-out and administration costs. See the charges table within terms and conditions. If you have a self-install box, we can provide instructions for you to remove this yourself.

How does the policy work?

Upon installation of our WiseDriving box to your car, we will begin to receive data giving us information on what sort of driver you are; for example if you adhere to speed limits, how aggressively you accelerate and brake, and what time of day you are driving. Using this information we calculate your personal driving score out of 100.

What happens if the WiseDriving Box stops working?

Should we stop receiving data from the WiseDriving box we can in 90% of cases remotely diagnose and repair the fault. If this is not possible and the box was installed by our engineering team, then we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for an engineer to come out to identify the problem and repair or replace the WiseDriving Box. If you have a self-install box, we will send you out a new box in the post, which you can then install into your car. If you believe the WiseDriving box is not operating correctly then please click on our contact us page for details of how to get in touch with us.

Who pays to fit the black box into my car?

The price of fitting our telematics box to your car is already included in your initial premium, which means that you don’t need to worry about hidden fees and expenses when it comes to insuring your car. With WiseDriving, what you see is what you get. An engineer from our partner company will come out to whatever location you specify when booking the appointment and fit the box to your car, and you’re all set.

Are there any hidden charges or restrictions?

You state how many miles you intend to drive during the year and that’s it. If you look like you are going to do more mileage than expected, then please contact us or visit your online portal to and increase your mileage limit. This may be subject to an additional premium.

Could my car insurance premium go up as well as go down?

Yes. Your premium could go up, go down or stay the same depending on your driving score. If your score is low, however, we'll provide you with helpful hints and tips to get back on track!

Posted on March 4, 2019

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