6 tips for clearing your windscreen this winter

There’s a chill in the air and those crisp mornings are here, which can only mean one thing – winter is just around the corner. It’s easy not to realise how cold it is getting while you’re all wrapped up inside, but the cold weather is setting in and you don’t want to be caught out by a frozen windscreen when you’re leaving for work in a hurry! Make sure you’re ahead of Jack Frost with these simple tips, which will help your mornings run smoothly and get you off your drive in no time.

1. Cover your screen the night before

Being prepared for frosty weather starts the night before – check the weather and, if the temperature overnight is going to drop below 5 degrees, cover your windscreen with a windscreen cover or even an old bedsheet. This will help stop your screen from freezing and will reduce your de-icing time.

2. Don’t use boiling water

It might be tempting to pour on some boiling water if you’re running late and your screen is frozen – but don’t! The sudden change in temperature can crack your screen, which will cost you time as well as a hefty bill. That leads us into the next tip…

3. Allow yourself time to de-ice your car

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to de-ice your car in the mornings, as this will mean that you’re less likely to damage your car or be late for work! Pouring boiling water on it or scraping it roughly because you’re in a rush can damage your screen and cause a bigger headache.

4. Winter survival kit

Keep a bottle of de-icer, an ice scraper and gloves in your car as a basic de-icing kit for if you’re away from home. Sometimes it is cold enough to freeze your screen by the time you get out of work in the evening, so you may just need it!

5. Use your heater

If you need to de-mist the inside of your screen, use your heaters – not a cloth! A cloth may do the job, but it will leave smears on your screen that can reduce your visibility later on. When using your heaters, set them to cold and gradually build the heat up to prevent your screen from fogging up even more. Remember, if you’re going to use your heaters, don’t leave your car unattended, even if it is outside your house. Leaving your car running make it at risk of being stolen, so don’t risk it!

6. Don’t forget your mirrors

Don’t forget that your mirrors, windows and lights can get frozen too – make sure that they are clear before you set off!
If you follow our simple steps, you’ll be on the road in no time at all! However, always make sure that your car is fully ice-free before setting off – your windows and mirrors are just as important for visibility, and pulling off without them being clear is not only dangerous, it’s actually illegal!

Posted on January 3, 2019

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