8 life hacks for winter motoring

It might feel like summer has only just ended, but cold weather is definitely on the way. With the nights pulling in and a chill in the morning air, it’s safe to say that winter is coming.  If you want to win at winter, look no further - we’ve compiled a list of handy tips to help you save time and beat the cold this season.

1. Socks over your windscreen wipers

No one likes spending forever unsticking their wipers from their windscreen to find them still covered in ice. If you put socks over your wipers, this should help stop them sticking, and will leave them ice free and ready to help clear your windscreen on those frosty mornings.

2. Cover your windscreen

To stop ice from forming on your windscreen, you can also cover it with an old fitted sheet, or a rug that you’re not using – then you won’t have to worry about de-icing it at all!

3. Park facing east

If you park facing east, the sun should give you a helping hand in defrosting your car as it makes its way into the sky. If you’re up before the sun is, this hack won’t help you - you’ll have to try some of the others on the list!

4. Cover your wingmirrors with plastic bags

Covering your wingmirrors with plastic carrier bags or sandwich bags could help keep the ice at bay – just remember to seal them with a cable tie to keep out the cold winter air! Cut the cable ties in the morning, pull off the bags an you’re ready to go!

5. Keep some de-icer handy

Keeping de-icer in your car is always a good idea - that way if you stay at a friend’s house, you’ve always got some to hand for those early starts.  If it’s cold enough for your car screen to freeze up while you’re parked up at work, it may help too – you’ll have some de-icer ready to help you get home quickly as well as safely!

6. Make sure your screen wash contains de-icer

Always buy a screen wash that contains de-icer – this will stop it from freezing in your car’s pipes, as well as help you defrost your screen on those chilly winter mornings.

7. Credit cards are good ice-scrapers

Forgotten your scraper? No problem – credit cards make good ice-scrapers if you ever get caught short! Just be careful -you don’t want to scratch your windows or ruin your card.

8. Keep a winter survival kit in your car

Get some gloves, a spare pair of thick socks, a torch, a bottle of water and an energy bar – roll them all up inside a winter coat and you’ve got your very own winter survival kit for the boot of your car! If you ever get stuck outside in the cold and need some extra layers, you’re covered. Also, socks are great for putting over your shoes to get better grip on snow or ice, but hopefully you won’t need to push!

Posted on December 4, 2018

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