The benefits of dashcams

With telematics insurance on the rise, it’s easier than ever to know whether you’re driving safely, but many people have taken to installing a dash cam into their car as an additional safety procedure… Dash cams are a great way of looking back on how safely you’re driving, what really happened in an accident, and of reporting damage done to your car when you aren’t there! This is perhaps why they’ve surged in popularity – so just how can a dash cam help to improve your safety?
  1. Accidents
    Sometimes in the case of an accident, it all goes so fast. Luckily, you can look back at your dash cam footage to see who was at fault. If it wasn’t your fault, it is a great way to prove that your insurance company shouldn’t pay out for the accident, which can save your no claims bonus! But make sure your camera records from the front and back of your car, so you’ll have footage if someone is to hit you from behind. Help to solve your claims quickly and with little hassle by handing over your dash cam footage.
  1. Insurance fraud
With insurance claim fraud on the rise, your dash cam provides invaluable evidence around the events of an accident. Fraudsters may try to cause an accident, particularly at roundabouts in order to claim personal injury. Your dash cam can prove it wasn’t you at fault, and also the severity of the incident to prove that injury claims aren’t viable – and stop you paying out as a result of a fraudulent claim, allowing you to be fully compensated for any damage to your car.
  1. Looking back on your journeys
    When you’re a new driver, you’re bound to make mistakes. But you don’t need to have an accident to learn from them. Just look back at your dash cam footage to see any close scrapes you might have had. Between the footage from your dash cam and your Driving Behaviour Score, if you’re a WiseDriving customer, you’ll be able to see what to do to become a safer driver.
  1. Security
    Some dash cams can be set to remain on overnight or while you’re not in the car, without draining the battery. If your camera has this feature, and your car gets bumped or scratched in a car park, you’ll be able to see who by, and make a claim. Also, if your car is vandalised, you’ll be able to give the footage to the police and your insurance company as valuable evidence.

Posted on July 18, 2018

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