What is a black box curfew?

There are lots of unfamiliar terms you’ll have to get used to when you start to delve into the world of car insurance. Premiums. Excess. Telematics. At times, it can all feel a little too grown up.
While it would be great if Mum or Dad could sort everything out for us forever - like book our doctor appointments and do our washing - it’s a good idea to learn what these things mean, so you’re clued up for the future.
If you’ve been looking at car insurance policies and are considering telematics insurance and having a black box installed, you’ve likely heard of a black box insurance curfew. Sounds serious, right? Don’t worry - we’ve broken down what it’s all about here.
What is a black box insurance curfew?
This simply means your insurer has put restrictions in place, when it comes to what time of day you can drive your car - with a black box installed.
If your black box insurance policy has a curfew, it’s important you don’t drive in the times they specify - otherwise you could be hit with a fine. It’s worth noting, though, that very few telematics insurers actually stop you from driving between these times.
WiseDriving, for example, doesn’t restrict you from driving at any time of the day! So, don’t worry - if you’re playing designated driver for the evening, you can still get your mates home safe once the party is over.
Although, it’s worth noting that driving between 11pm and 5am with a WiseDriving policy could affect your driving score by potentially lowering it. Your driving score is what we use to work out how much you need to pay each month. Again, it can be affected because of the higher risk that comes with driving between these times.
If you have other named drivers on your telematics insurance policy, it’s important you make them aware of any restrictions that may apply if you choose to have a black box installed. You don’t want them driving late at night or in the early hours of the morning and lowering your score!
Why do some insurers have black box curfews?
Statistics suggest that more accidents happen at night, so some insurers believe it’s easier to simply restrict when you can drive. At night, there are lots of things that can increase the chances of an accident happening - you could be tired or it could be too dark to see something coming up ahead - so this risk means more restriction.
Now that you know what black box insurance curfews are, you can look out for them when choosing who to insure your car with. Get a quote from us today and see how much you could save with telematics insurance and careful driving.

Posted on May 30, 2018

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