5 common telematics myths debunked

Many people will shy away at the mention of a ‘black box’, but how many of the things that people say about telematics are actually true? We’re debunking some common misconceptions about telematics insurance to help you make an informed decision as to whether a telematics policy is right for you.

1.       All telematics companies set driving curfews
Most telematics companies don’t actually have a driving curfew. The risk of having an accident is higher at night, so driving frequently at night will increase your risk – which could lower your driving score. However, if your driving remains safe at these times, driving occasionally at night will have little impact on your score.

2.       A Black Box can affect the value and running of your car
A Black Box is fitted out of sight in your car, and as it doesn’t affect the running of your car in any way, it won’t affect your car’s value or warranty. It also doesn’t interfere with the workings of your car – it only takes a little bit of energy from your battery, and only while you’re driving.

3.       Telematics companies sell your data to third parties
We only use your data to determine how safely you drive so that we can reward our safe drivers with discounts on their premium. We never sell your data on - we simply want to let your driving do the talking!

4.       Telematics insurance companies sell your data at renewal to increase your premiums
We’ll never release your driving data unless legally required to do so by the police relating to an incident. This means, that should you wish to change to a different insurance provider at the end of your policy, your score will not affect your alternative premiums. However, if you wish to renew with us, having a high score will reduce your premium, so it’s win-win.

5.       Telematics companies will inform the police if I go over the speed limit
We don’t give away any of your data, unless legally required to do so by the police regarding a specific incident. So don’t worry, if you go above the speed limit we won’t contact the police. However, if you’re regularly exceeding the speed limit, this will be picked up by your box and will lead to a decrease in your score. This could mean your premium could increase, so stick to the speed limits to keep your premium low.

Photo by A. L. on Unsplash

Posted on February 8, 2018

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