11 obscure motoring laws that you might not know about

There are some laws of the road that we all know, but some are a little more unknown. So, are you breaking the law without knowing it? If you are caught committing any of these motoring crimes, you could be subject to a hefty fine or points on your license, so make sure you’re in the know by checking these obscure motoring laws out!
Driving with a dirty number plate
If your number plates are obscured by dirt, and you are caught, you could land an on the spot fine of £100! Make sure to give your plates a rinse every now and again to keep them clean and avoid a fine.
Swearing or giving rude gestures to other drivers
It is easy to get frustrated while behind the wheel. But, if you are caught by the police swearing or making rude gestures to other drivers, you could be charged with ‘disorderly behaviour’ and fined up to 75% of a week’s pay!
Warning other drivers of a speed trap
It may seem like common courtesy to flash your lights to warn other drivers of a speed trap – however, if you are caught, you could be charged with obstructing an officer in doing his duty and receive a hefty fine of up to £1000!
Beeping your horn
It’s tempting to beep your horn when you’re stuck in traffic, or to scare your friend walking down the street. But beeping your horn for any reason other than to alert other drivers to your presence is actually illegal and you could be fined £30!
Splashing pedestrians with puddles
Purposefully driving through a puddle to splash pedestrians is also illegal and falls into the category of driving without due care and attention, which could land you a fine of up to £5000 depending on the severity!
Sleeping in your car while intoxicated
It might seem tempting to sleep in your car instead of paying for a taxi or walking home. But if you are caught, you will have to convince the police that you had no intention of driving. If you can’t, you could face up to 10 points on your license! Ouch - definitely just call a taxi.
Having an unrestrained animal in your car
Seeing a dog with its head out of the window is always cute, but did you know that it’s also illegal? Having an unrestrained animal in your car could see you punished for driving without due care and attention, as the dog could cause injury to itself, you or others in the case of an emergency stop or accident.
Not clearing snow from the roof of your car
The risk of snow slipping from the roof of your car onto the windscreen means that not scraping your roof can lead to a £60 fine and up to 3 points on your license!
Eating while at the wheel
Eating, drinking or doing your make up at the wheel could actually result in a fine, or points if they are decided to have been a distraction. Though these acts aren’t strictly illegal, if you have an accident while doing one of these things, it could be classed as an issue.

Playing loud, and disruptive music
If the police decide that your music is disruptive or aggressive, they may ask you to turn it down. On failing to do so, you could face your car being seized!
Having your phone in your lap while using Google Maps
Your phone is super useful as a navigator if you don’t have a Sat Nav -  however if you’re caught with it in your lap you could face a fine of £200 and up to six points!


Posted on March 26, 2018

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