WiseDriving Car Insurance

WiseDriving is a fresh take on Car Insurance. We have been listening to customers and have developed a Black Box car insurance product that is focussed on our customers. We are looking to help bring down the cost of car insurance for young and new drivers as well as all safe drivers.

How can we help such a wide group of people? Well this is where the Black Box technology comes in. Black Box technology (or Telematics) gives us a much better way of understanding what type of driver you are. So if you are a good driver, we can reduce your premium because you have less chance of being involved in an incident

Normal car insurance products also have to calculate the risk of every customer, unfortunately the only way to do this, is by calculating the risk based on averages, which means even if you are a good driver, your policy will be calculated based on the average risk of your age group, your postcode and a number of other factors.

This is where WiseDriving can help! We have spent months discussing our intelligent insurance with insurers and we have been able to negotiate great discounts on your behalf. This means that we could provide significantly cheaper insurance to you!

Not only could you save on your base price, our intelligent Black Box that is installed at the start of your policy, will tell us how you drive, the better your drive the more you could save. Our deals with the insurers also include substantial savings for our customers if they are good drivers.

WiseDriving will give you access to your own driving dashboard, so you can see your driving score, we will show you all of the different aspects that your driving score is based on as well as how you are doing on each. Your premium will be recalculated every month and your payments will be adjusted accordingly and if you paid in full you could get a premium discount that is refunded back to you.

This does however also mean that if your driving is bad that your insurance premiums could increase, but don’t worry, you will still be able to improve on your score and get your payments back down and possibly even lower!

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